Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Final Photographs of Products

To conclude this brief I think we have met the clients requirements well and suited it to our way of working to create a good portfolio piece.
The final products look very professional and quality pieces of work. I think this has been a successful piece of work helping me with my presentation and layout skills and paying attention to detail.

Final Photographs of the Buisness Card

Here are the final photographs of my Buisness Card using matt paperstock with black on black colour to highlight a spotgloss effect.

Photographs of Final Loyalty Card

Here the final photographs of my loyalty card using matt paperstock.

Photographs of Final Booklet

Here are the final photographs of my booklet, using the paperstock of matt inside the front and back cover matt but covered in laminate, to have more of a professional finish.

Photos to be used in Booklet

Here are the photographs I will be using for the booklet setting them to greyscale.

Loyalty Card Development and Layouts

Layout One

Layout Two

Layout Three

Layout Four

Layout Five

Back page of Booklet